Does Tattoo Removal Actually Work

Despite tattoos being considered a permanent form of body art or decoration , lasers can actually safely and totally remove even very dark tattoos without damaging, scarring or burning the skin.  Some people might believe that creams, surgical procedures or injections are the safest and best ways to fade and remove unwanted tattoos but the only method which has been proven and approved to remove tattoos 100% is laser hair removal.  Picosure laser tattoo removal is the best choice of all because it’s up to three times faster than other removal systems and does not cause any pain at all.

Interestingly, it’s your body itself that gets rid of unwanted tattoo ink with the aid of a laser which intensely heats up the pigment particles.  The physical body is an amazing piece of state of the art technology which with a little help from man-made technology can literally order our lymphatic system to remove tattoos from our skin.  Tattoo removal lasers assist by providing tiny bursts of energy which pulsate and break down tattoo ink into incredibly small particles which our system absorbs and then completely expels.

As you can see, tattoo removal has come a long way since it was first tried in the early 19th century using static electricity by the Hungarian Doctor Órias, and about a hundred years later when a chemical liquid was used to burn tattoos away.  This liquid sometimes succeeded in partly burning out tattoo ink but it would also burn off a few layers of skin!  21st century Picosure lasers on the other hand, do not harm or burn the skin in anyway and are extremely effective.

If you are asking yourself how and why, with such high temperatures, tattoo removal lasers don’t burn our skin, the answer is simple: microseconds and precision targeting.  With Picosure tattoo removal, lasers shoot uber-intensive heat into the ink for just a pico-second but it only touches the ink and doesn’t harm the skin at all.  Just in case a person’s skin is sensitive and for peace of mind, laser tattoo removal practitioners usually put a cream containing a numbing agent on the area being treated.  It’s safe, painless and stress-free, which is why this is the most popular method used for erasing unwanted ink from people’s skin around the world nowadays.

There are many reasons for wanting a tattoo removed, and the long list of celebrities who have had tattoos zapped away recently includes Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Johnny Depp.  Even if a person thinks long and hard beforehand and makes the decision carefully, sometimes things beyond our control can cause tattoos to appear less attractive with time.  Even Angelina Jolie’s wrist tattoos faded with time!  Also, ageing is inevitable and will always eventually affect how a tattoo looks, especially small, detailed designs on parts of the body prone to wrinkles.  Some people, like Johnny Depp opt for partial removal. When he split up with Winona Ryder he just had two letters lasered away, turning his tattoo into “Wino forever!” 

Laser tattoo removal, just like any other FDA clinically approved process is not cheap and obviously other alternatives, such as removal creams can be found.  Unfortunately though, these are at best quite ineffective and at worst, seriously dangerous especially if they contain harsh chemicals which can provoke painful, damaging skin reactions.  It goes without saying that although laser technology is highly effective and definitely the best choice for complete tattoo removal, it is not a magic wand, and several sessions are usually needed to complete the job.  Interestingly, although every ink colour can be 100% removed from the skin by modern-day lasers, darker colours are usually easier to get rid of than colours such as yellow and green which often take slightly longer.

Any reputable tattoo removal practitioner should clearly explain to you the time frame and expense involved before beginning treatment, so be sure to do your homework and put yourself in the good safe hands of a trained Picosure professional with an excellent track record.

Final Advice:

“As you can see, tattoo removal has come a long way since it was first tried in the early 19th century using static electricity by the Hungarian Doctor Órias”

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