At OTR Aesthetics we use only the very best and latest aesthetic technology equipment and procedures in order to ensure safe, highly effective skincare and hair-removal treatments. We aim to give our clients of all genders and races a glowing complexion and clear healthy skin with absolutely no injections, surgery or harsh chemicals.

Before commencing any laser tattoo or hair removal process, treatment of sunspots, acne scars or any of our health and beauty treatments we always make a special effort to get to know you, your wishes and aesthetic goals and of course your unique physical characteristics. This results in us being able to help you achieve your beauty goals and help develop a fresher, healthier, younger-looking and feeling version of you in record time.

OTR Aesthetic’s unique quality care promise to clearly explain our treatments, prices and realistic expected outcomes to you before beginning any process ensures complete transparency and results in 100% all round satisfaction.

Our flagship clinic in Burnham- Slough, near Windsor is a shining example of how a combination of highly trained health and beauty professionals operating in a friendly transparent environment using only state of the art equipment and protocols can actually make a real positive impact in the lives of normal people. OTR Aesthetics is proud to be totally on par with any top clinic attended by the rich and famous on Harley Street, in Los Angeles, Switzerland or anywhere else in the world but with the advantage of being much more economical, pain-free and right on your door-step!

Get in touch with us today to book your free consultation with our friendly team at OTR Aesthetics . Let us show you how together we can get you that fresher, smoother, younger-looking appearance that you have always dreamed of but never thought possible or affordable.