Treatments / Aerolase

Why Aerolase?

Aerolase clearly and confidently rejuvenates your skin and can be used to fix a whole array of skin issues and problems. It’s an ultra-modern laser treatment which quickly gets incomparable results, gently tightening your skin and making it look and feel younger. It works wonderfully on acne, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, thread veins, vascular marks, stretch marks and other conditions. It’s also great for darker skin and for hair removal (depilation).

Does it take a long time?

Not at all because each treatment lasts less than 30 minutes and results are usually visible after just one session! After about only three sessions they become even more obvious, with four to six treatments being about right for optimal results. Future follow-up treatments will also improve your appearance even more and believe it or not, hair reduction is actually permanent and also pain-free with the Aerolase Neo Elite Laser.

How does Aerolase work?

Aerolase uses light energy to tenderly but directly work through skin layers causing absolutely no thermal damage and this makes it very unique. This process stimulates fresh collagen production bit by bit very naturally, to restore your skin to its prior youthful glowing condition. Aerolase combats ageing, acne (reducing inflammation and killing bacteria), scarring, and best of all is totally safe and suitable for all types of skin including the full range of tones personal to people of all genders, races and ethnicities, unlike most other laser treatments.

Aerolase is safe and painless

Aerolase laser treatment is FDA approved which means it has been repeatedly tried and tested and found to be completely safe for most skin issues including those listed above and also for psoriasis. Unlike many other laser treatments no anaesthetic or cooling gels are needed because it doesn’t hurt or sting at all, with its hi-tech laser pulses lasting just microseconds. This is long enough to penetrate surely and deeply, effectively triggering collagen production while allowing your skin plenty of time to breathe and gently cool off between bursts.


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