Why has leech therapy made a comeback?

Totally natural andbiological, tried and tested since way back in ancient Egyptiantimes, leech therapy is being used more and more nowadays not onlyfor rejuvenating facials but also to safely treat uncomfortable andemotionally-distressing skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne,pimples and varicose veins. This kind of therapy completely avoidsthe use of chemical additives and is one of the greenest health andbeauty treatments on the planet.

Leech therapy is especially popular in some Asian countries where it is widely used for facials and acne treatment. It’s important to note that medical (cosmetic) leeches are specially bred in very healthy conditions and only ever used once. This is an inexpensive, simple therapy which can also be used in combination with plastic surgery to prevent complications and improve the general strength and condition of your skin tissue.

Leech therapy is not painful. It does not hurt because the leeches’ teeth are microscopic so they aren’t felt and also the proteins they inject are natural local anaesthetics. On top of this, treatment with leeches is actually very beneficial and refreshing for your body because the process is anti-coagulative in nature and therefore improves blood flow and prevents blood clots.

How will leech therapy make my skin healthier?

Skin problems and diseases usually reside in the epidermis and the dermis which are the top two layers of your skin. Leeches suck blood from your skin’s surface, reviving your veins and inserting bioactive substances which detoxify not only your skin but your whole body. Like this, leech therapy naturally gets rid of harmful bacteria from your skin, reducing blemishes, leaving it healthier, clearer and sparklingly radiant. By promoting blood flow the tension created by toxic blood is eliminated so you will not only look better but feel healthier too.

What we also treat with leeches: