Treatments / Dermadrop

Looking young, fresh and attractive, at any age – without needles and without pain?

With DERMADROP´s transdermal application, short TDA, dermatologists and cosmeticians can fulfil this wish.

TDA is currently the only non-invasive regenerative therapy that allows maximum deep care of the skin.

The active ingredients remain available in the long term thanks to the active ingredient depots formed.

Vital skin cells are the key to beautiful, healthy skin.

For a long time it was only possible to penetrate deeper skin layers using invasive methods. DERMADROP TDA, on the other hand, works without direct skin contact. All you feel during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage pressure on the skin surface.

Secret Formula LP3 Complex

The secret of the skin penetration lies in the carrier substance LP3 exclusively developed for DERMADROP and enriched with active substances. During the treatment LP3 is activated with pure oxygen and opens the lamellar structure of the epidermis by approximately 65% and enables the way for active ingredients to deeper skin layers.


Mimic wrinkles, saggy & sallow skin

BIOBTX TDA – The first innovative premium anti-wrinkle TDA treatment in 2-Phases. The premium ritual was developed specifically to improve expression lines and sagging areas.

The radiant result: visibly smoother skin, an even complexion and beautifully defined facial contours. Treatments for Face, Body, Hair & Nails

  • Without pain & injection
  • Immediate effect
  • Long-term effect
  • Absolutely safe
  • For all ages & skin types
  • Scientifically proven


Tatto removal