Over Two Decades Improving Men’s Well-being and Looks

Men’s grooming, health and well-being is nowadays widely accepted in the modern world as being just as important for males as it is for females. Thankfully, gone are the dark ages when men who cared for their skin and looks or removed body hair by shaving or other forms of depilation were made to feel like outcasts. Despite this, terms such as “health and beauty” or “beauty salon” can still have feminine connotations and we know that some men may not feel comfortable buying skin or hair care products or booking treatment sessions at certain shops or salons.

At OTR Aestchetics

we understand that men’s beauty (or grooming) is essential to a male person’s well-being. Self-care is not only vital for a person’s self-confidence and health but also for becoming happy and successful both professionally and personally. We know this through personal experience of course, but also as a result of over 20 years experience treating and talking to men of all shapes and sizes, ages, races and sexual orientations.

Even if you have never been to a salon or clinic before, we know you will feel completely at home at OTR Aestchetics. We will listen carefully to you and help you decide which treatment is best suited to your needs and to your body, skin and hair type. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind about how treatments are carried out, how long they take and of course how much they will cost.

Rest assured that at OTR Aestchetics we are down-to-earth, transparent and friendly which means that your treatment sessions at our clinic will definitely be a pleasure, not a chore. You will surely feel youthful and refreshed as we safely and smoothly help you create a better version of yourself!