Treatments / PicoSure Laser

What is PicoSure Laser Treatment Best for?

PicoSure is non-surgical, safe, non-invasive and anti-aging. Its a laser skin treatment which quickly and easily corrects problems like unwanted tattoos, age spots, scars, pockmarks, freckles, sun damage, skin pigmentation issues, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars by safely zapping excess melanin from your the skin. On destroying this brown pigment, your body creates new cells so your complexion gets beautifully renewed and instantly looks clearer, smoother and more even.

Incredibly, acne scar removal is permanent with Picosure but other conditions like age spots and freckles may start to come back, especially due to excessive sun exposure. Follow-up treatments every six months will help to restore and maintain your results.

The Picosure laser also speeds up elastin production which naturally makes you look younger and brighter and is also very effective on darker skin types. In fact, although this technology was originally developed for tattoo removal, it has become really popular for other skin treatments over the last few years and approved clinics can now treat ethnic skin much more effectively.

How long does it take?

Surprisingly, results can usually be seen after just two weeks. They tend to appear gradually and keep improving up until your last treatment. This is so much quicker than any other laser treatments worldwide!

How does Picosure work?

The Picosure laser technology system turns energy into pressure waves delivering super-quick energy pulses in “picosecond” bursts that break skin pigment down into tiny particles, create collagen and safely boost your body’s immune system. Picosecond pulses are so fast that burning is impossible because there is no time for heat to build up on your skin. In other words, your own body safely and naturally gets rid of any unwanted pigmentation thanks to Picosure. Amazing, right?

With Picosure’s specialised technology, results are comfortably and painlessly achieved much faster than with any other laser treatment, and with very minimal side-effects. Treatment is actually pain-free and a special cream is applied to numb the area and reduce the possibility of any slight discomfort.

Is it really safe?

Yes, of course! Picosure is the safest laser treatment in the world and has been highly researched with numerous clinical trials carried out internationally. It’s FDA approved and millions of people have already been successfully treated with it so you can be confident that you will be in safe hands when you choose a Picosure registered clinic for your treatment.

Some mild redness is to be expected for up to a few hours after treatment but no recovery time is needed and you can carry on with your normal activities shortly after Picosure laser treatment.