Treatments / Titanium Laser

What does the Titanium Laser do?

Soprano Titanium laser hair removal treatment is safe, painless and it permanently reduces hair growth. Soprano Titanium is unique in that it combines three highly effective laser wavelengths within the same applicator to zap the hair at three different depths of the follicle all at once in record time and with minimum fuss.

Why get hair removed by laser treatment?

Laser hair removal is quicker, more permanent, less messy and causes much less discomfort than traditional hair removal methods. For these reasons and more millions of people of all genders and ethnic backgrounds now choose laser hair removal and it’s extremely simple and effective on both large areas such as backs and legs, as well as bikini lines, the armpits, unwanted facial hair etc. So, forget painful tweezing, itchy shaving and other time-consuming depilation methods and discover how easy and comfortable laser hair removal is with Soprano Titanium.

Why Soprano Titanium?

This revolutionary hair removal device sends out about 150 laser beams on three wavelengths, which is why it is so much more effective than other laser hair removal treatments. It confidently covers all of the area being treated without missing any tricky corners or crevices and Soprano Titanium’s cleverly designed applicator makes treatments faster and more comfortable than ever before.

Soprano Titanium is classed as the most efficient hair removal treatment available internationally and the safest by far. It also has a highly-developed continuous contact cooling system (ICE Plus) which prevents discomfort, burns, keeps the area cool and relaxed and makes treatment much more agreeable than most other laser treatments.

How safe is Soprano Titanium laser hair removal?

Soprano Titanium is totally safe and effective for even the lightest and darkest skin tones, fine or coarse hair of any colour, and is perfect for sensitive skin too.

How permanent is this hair removal?

The reduction in hair growth achieved with Soprano Titanium laser hair removal is permanent. At least six sessions are needed to ensure permanent hair growth reduction because hair naturally goes through different phases and not all follicles will be in the growth phase during the first few treatments. The number of treatments needed also varies depending on which part of the body hair is being removed from but hair growth reduction is always permanent with Soprano Titanium.